The artist is interested in the state of people’s minds, believing that it is always complicated and full of mystery. His research revealed to him that the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind is complex and fascinating. He decided to attempt to represent one aspect of the state of “psychosis”, in order to give some sense of the agony that those with this mental illness can experience. Psychosis is a kind of mental illness which affects human perception: in this work, the artist tries to simulate the kind of vivid auditory hallucinations provoked by drug use.  After that, he explored the way to present this and he found that bone conduction might be the best solution to present this out, which the audience will be heard the sound from the track that he created and the sound from the surrounding environment simultaneously. Then, the audiences are allowed to walk around the space and experience psychosis by themselves.

Teeranont Wiwatjesadawut -